Dear Valued Patrons,

Thank you for your interest in our allergen-free bakery items and our efforts to maintain a safe environment for all our customers. While Pearl's Bake Shoppe does handle gluten, animal products, and nuts within its facility, we prioritize stringent protocols to minimize cross-contamination.

We operate a dedicated prep area exclusively for gluten-free items, equipped with separate equipment and storage to prevent any contact with gluten or wheat. Our baking schedules are carefully staggered, and we utilize a dedicated oven solely for gluten-free products. Throughout every stage of production, from mixing to packaging, all items are meticulously labeled to avoid any confusion.

Our frontline staff is extensively trained in handling allergen-free products, including glove changes between handling regular and allergen-free items. While we endeavor to segregate our back stock, please note that due to space constraints in our showcases, gluten-free, vegan, and regular items may be stored together but on clearly designated shelves.

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness is paramount to us. We employ dedicated dishwashers and closely monitor dish hygiene to uphold our standards. Additionally, we rigorously vet the ingredients we use, though it's worth noting that some suppliers may issue disclaimers regarding allergen cross-contamination in their facilities.

While we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers with allergies, it's important to acknowledge that complete allergen eradication in a shared facility presents inherent challenges. We appreciate your understanding and remain committed to providing delicious treats while prioritizing your well-being. A 100% allergen-free product cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for choosing Pearl's Bake Shoppe.

Warm regards,


Pearl’s Bake Shoppe Team