VeganGluten Free

Better Than

chocolate buttermilk cake soaked with salted caramel and condensed milk with a whipped cream frosting, garnished with Heath toffee bits

VeganGluten Free

C is for Cupcake

brown sugar-vanilla sugar cake with chocolate chip cookies baked throughout, topped with cream cheese frosting and a mini chocolate chip cookie

VeganGluten Free

Chocolate Covered Cherry

vanilla cake with a cherry filling dipped in dark chocolate ganache

VeganGluten Free

Paradise Found

coconut rum cake with crushed white chocolate, toasted coconut, and crushed macadamia nuts baked throughout frosted with white chocolate buttercream


VeganGluten Free

Death by Chocolate

buttermilk chocolate espresso cake with mini chocolate chips baked on top filled with dark chocolate ganache and frosted with chocolate buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Honey Berry Blues

honey cake filled with blueberry lavender compote frosted with honey buttercream topped with fresh blueberries and honey drizzle

VeganGluten Free

The Pearl

grandma's 'one two three cake' topped with seven minute frosting and grated coconut


VeganGluten Free

Lime Coconut

lime and coconut cake with lime frosting

VeganGluten Free

Carrot Cake

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

VeganGluten Free


chocolate bourbon cake with candied pecans baked on top, frosted with a chocolate bourbon buttercream and garnished with a chopped candied pecans

Gluten-Free & Vegan

VeganGluten Free

Love Jitters

chocolate espresso cake filled with a salted espresso caramel topped with a mocha frosting and garnished with crushed coffee beans on top

VeganGluten Free

Red Velvet

red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and red sugar sprinkles

VeganGluten Free

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

vanilla cake filled with strawberry compote and coated in chocolate ganache

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