In addition to our Everyday  Flavors,

VeganGluten Free

Royal Wilma

champagne angel-food batter with a fresh raspberry compote filling currant liquor and champagne buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Hot Chocolate

German chocolate cake with a chocolate truffle baked inside, topped with marshmallow buttercream and dusted with cocoa powder

VeganGluten Free

Nana Puddin'

Nilla wafer bottom with a banana cake filled with banana pastry cream, topped with seven minute frosted and Nilla wafer crumbs


VeganGluten Free

Chocolate Raspberry

chocolate buttermilk cake topped with a fresh raspberry buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Double Trouble

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting

VeganGluten Free

Jolly Pumpkin

brown butter pumpkin cake topped with brown sugar bourbon buttercream


VeganGluten Free

Dazed & Confused

vanilla and chocolate marble cake topped with vanilla and chocolate swirled buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Carrot Cake

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

VeganGluten Free


lemon gingerbread cake topped with brown sugar seven minute frosting

Gluten-Free & Vegan

VeganGluten Free

Bourbon Pecan

brown sugar-bourbon cake baked with candied pecans, topped with brown sugar- bourbon buttercream and garnished with chopped candied pecans

VeganGluten Free

Red Velvet

red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and red sugar sprinkles

VeganGluten Free

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

vanilla cake filled with strawberry compote and coated in chocolate ganache

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