VeganGluten Free

Twisted Citrus

lime cake with lemon curd filling, topped with lemon-lime swirl buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Scout's Honor

chocolate buttermilk cake with graham cracker crumbs baked on top, filled with salted caramel and frosted with caramel buttercream

VeganGluten Free


lemon gingerbread cake topped with brown sugar seven minute frosting

VeganGluten Free

Candied Sweet Potato

roasted sweet potato batter filled with marshmallow fluff and topped with marshmallow frosting


VeganGluten Free

Black & White

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

VeganGluten Free

German Chocolate

German chocolate cake topped with caramel, coconut and pecan frosting with a round of chocolate buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Lucy in the Sky

vanilla bean cake with miniature M&M's baked throughout frosted with a marshmallow chocolate frosting - a tribute to the life of Lucy Saladino; all sales are donated to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


VeganGluten Free

Plain Jane

vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting

VeganGluten Free

Banana Cream

banana cake with a banana buttercream frosting

VeganGluten Free


pistachio batter filled with pistachio pastry cream topped with pistachio buttercream and chopped pistachios

Gluten-Free & Vegan

VeganGluten Free

Lemon Blueberry

lemon cake filled with a blueberry compote topped with lemon buttercream

VeganGluten Free

Red Velvet

red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting and red sugar sprinkles

VeganGluten Free

Mint Chocolate Chip

chocolate cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with mint buttercream and mini chocolate chips

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